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This is a listing of various events that take place on BerryTube.  All times are given in Eastern Time (UTC-4 during DST, UTC-5 otherwise).

To subscribe to a digital calendar (iCal, Google Calendars, Outlook, etc.) see this post on reddit: It contains a Google Calendar ID, a link to an XML file, a link to an ICS file, as well as a tutorial on subscribing to it with Google Calendars.



  • Afternoon: Trance Tuesday.  Despite its name, very little trance is actually played.  This event doesn't have a set beginning or ending time, but is simply a long block of mixes and electronic music.



  • 8pm: Classical Corner with Toastdeib.  Toastdeib selects 30-45 minutes of classical music to play on BerryTube.


  • 5pm: Early Drinking Games ("Eurogames").  Standard BerryTube drinking game rules but at an earlier time to accomodate European tubers as well as those who can't stay up late in the US.
  • 12am: Signature Drinking Games.  This is the original drinking game event that became BerryTube.  Episodes are voted on and played with drink calls, with intermissions of requested short videos.  There is no set ending time, the games end when there are no more drink callers awake.



  • 12am: Chill Sunday.  Episodes of Good Eats, Drunk History, and The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross are played with intermissions of chill music.

Former events

  • Wednesay, 10pm: Tubenami with Jerick.  Jerick plays various non-pony TV shows and cartoons.
  • 10pm: Open Mic Night.  4-5 users who have signed up with Toastdeib will each play 30 minutes of the music of their choice on BerryTube.
  • 9pm: Mystery Movie Monday with Lavender.  Two movies are played with a brief intermission between movies.