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History of BT from what I've remembered, have looked up, and have heard Some of this is hearsay, so please correct me if I am wrong about anything. Also, it is far from complete, especially in the early days. If you have anything that you would like to add, please tell snake8head! (Thanks PonisEnvy for the initial history!)


1. first games for prominent members of the community

2. Releases of Jerick's albums (this can be found on Jerick's download site for them)

3. beginning of shpony, turntable turnabout, and others.

4. Anything else you can think of!!!

5. When BLAN, Rockets became in vogue (Rockets killed BLAN when it came out)

6. When Tommyspud came to us - Kinda Done?

7. When klossi came to us

8. BT Cider Squeezy edit (released at EFNW, I think 2015?)

9. Any entries from 2014

~~Date convention standardization: YYYY-MM-DD (Multi-date is YYYY-MM-DD to YYYY-MM-DD)~~

(#1) 2011-09-23 reddit user purekhaos made a post for a drinking game on synchtube. (http://redd.it/kppme). Also, Malsententia's first games.

(#2) 2011-09-30 Malsententia repeated the drinking games the next friday night, and began the tradition that spawned BerryTube. (http://redd.it/ky1o0)

(#2-5) d4gjerick had been here since this range, but didn't go by the name Jerick until a few months into BerryTube.

(#3-7) The_Catman showed up here, held refuge for a couple games when mods passed out in his synchtube, then disapeared for a few months

(#7-#12) sehro cropped up somewhere around this time. He is just so mysterious that we can't pin him down to an exact date.

(#10) 2011-11-25: omnomtom enlists.

(#11) 2011-12-02: BATMAN begins watching over us. Becomes a mod shortly after, but we don't know when

(#22) 2012-02-18: omnomtom was a mod by now, and possibly before

(#26) 2012-3-16 Salculd has joined the party!

(#28) 2012-03-30: hay4thought's first games

(#30?) mcmenamya arrives

(#33) Flanders stumbles in

(#35-39) oobitydoo's first games

(#37) 2012-06-01: Laughingstock, formerly known as turbosaurus, joins.

(#37/#38) Salculd becomes a mod, also miggyb's first games

(#38) 2012-06-08: My (PonisEnvy's) first games

(#37/39) A wild Cuddles_theBear is spotted for the first time.

(#39) 2012-06-15: First Cades sighting and r's first games. And Lavender. (http://redd.it/v52gy)

(#40) 2012-06-23: omnomtom held an unofficial drinking game on saturday because he had to leave early from the Friday night games. This started the tradition of Saturday games. (http://redd.it/v4gdc) ALSO: Blueshift's first time destroying his sleep cycle for us.

(#41) 2012-06-29: miggyb held the first early/European/pre games to help our European friends drink with us as much as possible. This started this tradition. (http://redd.it/vth9y)

(#42) 2012-07-06: RANBO SHAD IS BESS PONT (birth of a meme). Shockingly, also Arborus's first games.

(#43) 2012-07-13: Marminator's first games. First evidence of KC, he came a few weeks prior

(#43-45) miggyb became a mod sometime in that range

(#45) 2012-07-26: PobodysNerfect's first games

(#46) 2012-08-02: WE HIT 100 VIEWERS FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!! (http://i.imgur.com/uxqYM.jpg) (http://redd.it/xninl)

(#49) 2012-08-24: PobodysNerfect becomes a mod

2012-09-12: dumbrock

(#52) 2012-09-14: The site that would later become http://berrytube.tv is live! (http://redd.it/zwryc) Thanks Cades! (he gets modded for his work) The site moves to the official domain name later that week. It was temporarily at [www.christinacollandra.com/berrypunch/ www.christinacollandra.com/berrypunch/] (http://i.qkme.me/3qozi4.jpg) Also, things start getting toasty... Toastdeib that is.

2012-09-15: /r/futurespike created, frenzyfivefour joins

(A brief anecdote from Salculd regarding the betatesting of BerryTube)

The reason there's always a sbstare marqueeing (is that even a word? whatever) at the start of the chat is because when we were poking around on the (private) very first version, one of the bugs that was quickly found was that there wasn't much in the way of message sanitation, so things like html tags wouldn't get stripped out -- you could do that with names too, which led to that second original banner up there (yeah, I think I was the first non-Cades person to manage to break it). Anyway, someone -- I think it was Tom -- put sbstare in some marquee tags, and for god knows what reason this was the most hilarious thing we had ever seen and we insisted that it be kept around somehow. This was in the early afternoon, too, so it's not like we were drunk already. Well, probably not.

(#53) 2012-09-21/22/23: THE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! (http://redd.it/109t66) Enter: Worldtrekka, Littlecolt, Kalyandra and others. Blueshift becomes a mod!

(#54) 2012-09-28: Lavender becomes a mod, KC throws up on vent, everyone squeefucks him, squeefucking invented and illegalized (except for KC).

2012-10-01: G1 movie played, inspired the later creation of Mystery Movie Monday.

2012-10-06: First Arborus shitfic

2012-10-08: Rainbow Brite played

2012-10-sometime: Berrytube MineCraft server

2012-10-14: hay4thought and Blueshift start sunday morning hangover chill http://redd.it/11gnup

2012-10-16: Cades Massive Horsecock meme (http://i.imgur.com/tY8zB.png)

2012-10-18: /r/BerryTubeLounge created.

2012-10-22: First ever OFFICIAL Mystery Movie Monday! (http://redd.it/12bd9g)

(#58) 2012-10-27: Q0 enters the fold

(#59) 2012-11-03: maadneet

2012-11-07: Sehro livestreaming service is online!!! (http://redd.it/12u4ws) Used for "Raw Livestreams" (Sehro Sunday, MMMonday, new episodes, etc)

(#60) 2012-11-10: foust117

2012-11-10: FIRST NEW EPISODE LIVESTREAM: Crystal Empire S3E1

(#61) 2012-11-16: Worldtrekka level drunk becomes a meme (http://redd.it/13e02r)

2012-11-18: Blueshift contacts TeiThePony to ask how many dashes. Tei responds to this reddit post and slowly integrates into the community.(http://redd.it/13eju3

2012-12-08: Phyroth starts lurking.

2012-12-22: Omnomtom says "racist barn" during the "Apple Family Reuinion" stream, probably paralleled by others in the fandom at large. Meme explodes and becomes entrenched, especially in BerryTube.

2012-12-??: Around the same time as ^ miggyb notices that Twitch is fucking a desk in DeskFuck. This explodes, helped by a popular youtube comment by blueshift. (http://i.imgur.com/Y3uefQa.png)

(#67) 2012-12-28: Sehro is new mod! (http://youtu.be/a7NUqz_smUI) ALSO: First ever Marmisode (and second as well!) Hurricane Fluttershy x GLUTES (no longer available) Crystal Empire Part two X Multi-Hoof Drifting (http://youtu.be/dYZmKUl5dzQ)

2012-12-31: FIRST BERRYTUBE ALBUM released by Jerick (Sounds of the Sophisticated)

2012-02-06: Development of Marmemotes begins, omnomtom is first betatester two days later Feb 08, 2012 8:42PM(PST) Marminator: omnomtom, Okay, this comes with 0 warranty, it will only animate in firefox, plus half of it was coded while drunk.

2013-02-09: Berrytube TF2 server online!

2013-02-12: Marmemotes "officially" released http://redd.it/18dy11

2013-03-28: DigitalVagrant

2013-03-29: 38 minutes of seaponies

2013-04-03: BerryTube TeamSpeak server replaces Mumble/Ventrilo servers for drunk shouting.

2013-04-05: The crown arrives and Phyroth makes his debut.

2013-04-21: First Berrytube TF2 tourney, won by team pan (Arborus, Mello Master, draders, Konnect O Dots, frenzyfivefour and everclear). Konnect O Dots joins the community.

2013-05-02: Thirsty Thursday named, planned for the following week

2013-05-09: First Thirsty Thursday mini-games

(#86) 2013-05-10: Sehro, Blueshift, Lavender, and PobodysNerfect get promoted to admins and Toastdeib, Marminator, Littlecolt, Jerick, and Q0 become new mods! (http://youtu.be/4A58NHcRrqU)

2013-05-15: Toastdeib's classical corner starts

2013-05-18: Teithepony asks us to fondle his sentry http://i.imgur.com/anSmsDu.png

(#88) 2013-05-24: Berrytube gets invaded by BEES. Seriously, everything gets beeified (http://pastebin.com/nnPCXskU) (http://i.imgur.com/fW16oLY.jpg)

2013-05-26: sehro adds "bumps" to sehro sunday, slowly becomes common on many parts of Berrytube, also the end of the BEES

2013-06-04: IggdB draws Twilight with a Strapon. Feels shame for the rest of his days

2013-06-12: \\shiningass gets banned for a few days

2013-06-18: sehro gets appendicitis.

2013-06-19: /r/berrytubeball was born

2013-06-20: Wut creates ponypen. It's alpha test is a bit buggy http://redd.it/1grb5j

2013-07-Fourth of July weekend: -- EFNW HAPPENS. Everyone has an absolutely fantastic time. Thanks a ton Lav for setting it up! http://youtu.be/zHuswKRMpgE http://i.imgur.com/2NHMpApl.jpg so much epic. We gave Andrea Libman some of Redtoxin's Little Hoss wine.

2013-07-04: mc_square hurts his ankle, becomes mc_anklebuster

2013-07-05: - Trekka and sehro meet in person. sehro agrees to not play the Batman song anymore. Trekka gains more respect for sehro.

2013-07-06: Redtoxin hurts his ankle as well

2013-07-10: MicTheMic stops by http://quotes.berrytube.tv/?216

2013-07-19: SherclopPones joins for their first games, gives us an exclusive preview of "SnowBlind," their next FiW episode (9). Things get leaked to 4chan and reddit, and we get a huge jump in users. Also, Andrea Libman tweeting about us (and Redtoxin's wine) may have been a reason for the increased viewer number. Also, someone is an asshole, probably one of the pubs brought in by all of the cross posts.http://griffinilla.tumblr.com/post/56377763919/this-person-wants-a-pat-on-the-back-for-not

2013-07-24: Jerick starts Tubenami

2013-07-26: Equestria Girls played

2013-08-10: Bassau murders productivity with http://orteil.dashnet.org/experiments/cookie/ and http://candies.aniwey.net/ and http://adarkroom.doublespeakgames.com/ FIRST EVER FRIENDLY BERRYTUBE DDOS (we took down the cookie website).

2013-08-16: THE 100th GAMES!!!!! big celebration, cross posts everywhere, we reach into the 160s for user count.

2013-08-??: History File Entry will say "Moon Base Alpha invented, hilarity ensues." (not sure what this means, found it in my notes, date is approximate)

2013-09-20~22: The two year anniversary spectacular. Some of us stayed up for Salculd's full 42 hour playlist and made jokes about mixed vodka.

2013-10-16: Malsententia resigns from the modmin team.

2013-10-18: miggyb finally figures out that "PonisEnvy" is a pun on "PenisEnvy."

2013-10-20: PobodysNerfect is no longer an admin. Is replaced by his evil twin "Ataris." PonisEnvy is granted dominion over Po<tab>

2013-10-30: DigitalVagrant unveils his "shenanigans" and reveals a BerryTube Achievement service for the plugin manager.

2013-11-25: BT hits its bandwidth cap for the first time ever during Mystery Movie Mondayhttp://redd.it/1rhezg

2013-02-15: (est): Retro's first utterances after a month or two of lurking

2014-01-31: PowerHour turns classy (https://redd.it/1wj3or)

2014-10-27: Ti_Deltas slips in, sees RHPS is playing on MMM and immediately starts screaming Time Warp lyrics. Has not stopped since.

2015-01-?? to 2015-04-?? (ish?) - The box in the corner labled "The Orange" rustles and tips over. snake8head appears.

2015-04-01: TubeNami ends. Not a joke. (https://redd.it/315mhf)

2015-04-02: BerryTube hits BABSCon's second year Party Floor hard (https://redd.it/31tjyl) with a contingent of 30+. Retro goes automatic (http://vault.berrytube.tv/picture.php?/2826/category/70). SherClopPones showed up. We kicked the con chair out of our room when the party was over.

2015-04-11: Dallas Stars meetup (Redtoxin, Grambulaman, Drywin, Worldtrekka)? I think? Drywin drunkenly upgrades Retro to Green on PowerHour CyTube and regrets it forever.

2015-05-28 to 2015-06-01: EFNW again!

2015-06-05: PowerHour hosts "Use 40s Wisely" night to celebrate the estimated 150th PowerHour (nobody kept track) (https://youtu.be/WBjyGkRmlag) (https://redd.it/38lb28)

2015-06-12: PowerHour hosts "Brass Monkey" night (https://redd.it/39in1c).

2015-07-31: Flames5123's first games.

2015-08-6~9: BerryTube hits BronyCon with its Holiday Inn "Fun Cave" (https://redd.it/38lp5q) and a contingent 25+ strong. Retro gets bodyslammed by Redtoxin because Malsententia couldn't drunkenly figure out how to make the laptop play on the TV (http://vault.berrytube.tv/picture.php?/5298/category/143). The afterparty had PikaPetey, TAPS, StratchAttack, and a tattoo artist. The Scotsman was swept up into BerryTube and never heard from again. The Beer Mile was never completed. The Bar Crawl was a blackout mess. WhatsApp highly successful; to this date a dozen or so of us still communicate on the "Side Chat."

2015-08-08: Rocket League is released on Windows. (Time to popularity TBD.)

2015-08-09: [](/shaun) came into existance.

2015-08-Early to mid month: Tommyspud randomly shows up stumbling in from the late game of a Wrestling/MLP Reddit exchange. He never finds the way out.

2015-08-20: Toastdeib hosts the last Open Mic Night (https://redd.it/3g373o) (http://toast.berrytube.tv/openmic/signups.php)

2015-08-27 to 2015-10-15: Retro hosts Bojack & Bourbon, well-attended CyTube event on Thursday nights with bourbon reviews by resident expert Ti_Deltas (https://redd.it/3hisus).

2015-09-18~20: Anniversary spawns the unholy Berrynomicon (https://redd.it/3lsmxq), including Retro/Theri/many others' 31 pages of shitty drunken haiku.

2015-10-23: Mort starts Euro PowerHour. klossi hosts and everyone got queue privileges; in true European fashion somehow order was kept. (https://redd.it/3p6xr8) Retro played Jimmy Carter and sanctioned the event as legitimate.

2015-10-23: Retro, Theri, Gunther_Ridel, and a few others make shitty drunken haiku again (12 pages).

2015-11-28: Retro, Theri, Ti_Deltas. and a few others make shitty drunken haiku again (5 pages).

2015-12-??: Chrono, as is appropriate, finishes & implements the PowerHour countdown timer plugin to CyTube. Drywin misses calling the shots.

2015-12-27: BerryTube's Discord server goes live! [](/twiyay) Now the drunken shenanigans can go on 24/7 on even more platforms.

2016-01-01: Retro, Theri, and nlaq make shitty drunken haiku again (2 pages).

2016-01-02: Tommyspud introduces shipping wheel. (Link????)

2016-01-09(?): klossi becomes a shitty spike!

2016-01-23: Zogzor becomes a shitty spike!

2016-01-27: Tommyspud, after mentioning the Hunger Games Simualtor, gets told to do BT version Hunger Games, which would be trademarked BT Thirst Games. 48 Tributes enter, and Trellmor_IRC wins the whole thing. Logs don't get made for it, because it was done just cause.

2016-01-28: Tommyspud does BT Thirst Games Season 2, and DustyKorg ends up winning Season 2, last killing Wr3nch. https://redd.it/431ct4

2016-02-05: Tommyspud does BT Thirst Games Season 3, and this time PoloniumFist wins, thanks to rcx and Trellmor_IRC committing double suicide in the games. https://redd.it/44eqrh

2016-03-08: The Infamous Raritylegs Affair (http://files.pew.cc/berrytube/logs/?f=%23berrytube-2016-03-09.log) - RyuenTran makes the raritylegs emote (http://i.imgur.com/GBZRhS8.png) and it is posted 36 times in 48 minutes. Despite Kalyandra's warning, Blueshift bans it... a new emote academy record!

2016-04-21 to 2016-04-24: Berrytube invades BABSCon, throws best party, neighbor to the Klingons. Digi went full Automatic.

2016-05-12 to 2016-05-15: Seattle is engulfed by a hoard of Tubers as EFNW 2016 takes place. #quality #floorcon2016

2016-06-17: Both the US and Euro Games underwent a large overhaul. Adding some spice to our lives.

2017-10-21: Rainbow Rocks enters the 100-plays club on BT. Just as soon as the movie gets to credits, BerryTube.tv goes down and everyone drunkenly stumbles into Discord for an hour. EDIT: Seems someone didn't pay tribute to the alcohol gods.

2017-10-22: After an hour or so of drunken conversation in Discord, BT returns to normal.

2018-06-??: Zogzor, klossi, wut, and Atte join the modmin team!

2018-06-11: BT becomes more secure with https! No more risk of weird men in the middle stealing your horses.

2018-07-16: A monumental occasion in BT history occurs: The Change Password Button appears! [](/twiyay)