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Welcome to BerryTube - the bar on the outskirts of the My Little Pony fandom!

Hi new person! If you're reading this, then you have been invited (or have drunkenly stumbled upon) BerryTube, a half-bar, half-video-sharing, all-madness supersite.

This FAQ hopefully has some useful information for you. If you have any other questions or want to suggest a new question, just drop it in chat if there are active mods/admins or message us on Reddit if there's nobody available.


Who are the admins?

The admins are the folks whose usernames you see at the top of the user list in a different color. If you need any help, these are the people to ask (unless by "help" you mean "therapy", in which case, go find a psychologist).


Should I really be taking this many drinks?

A lot of people are introduced to BerryTube via the weekly drinking games, so this question only makes sense in that context.
Episodes are generally in the 20-50 drink range, so they should be played with sips of alcohol. Make sure to start small, especially if you're an unexperienced drinker. If at any point you feel sick or too intoxicated, feel free to stop playing, or continue playing with water instead of alcohol. The drinking game really isn't a competitive thing - you don't win anything by holding out or lose anything by going to sleep early, and you won't gain or lose respect from anyone by choosing either one. The goal of our games is to enjoy ponies, friends, and booze, not to drink yourself to the point of vomiting.


Why is that chat message highlighted in yellow?

If you see a message highlighted in yellow, it means someone included your username in the message. The highlight is a way to help you see when someone wants your attention. Also, if you're on another tab of your browser or another window entirely when someone highlights you, a squee sound will play to notify you that someone wants your attention. Thus, highlighting someone is commonly referred to as "squeeing" and is best done in moderation.
If you want to squee someone but don't want to type out their entire username or risk typos, BerryTube chat has a nickname tab completion. If you start typing a user's name and then hit tab, it will complete it with the first of all possible completions for the characters you've typed so far. Continuing to hit tab will cycle through the options so you can keep going until you arrive at the username you want.
Keep in mind that a squee is NOT a private message. BerryTube doesn't support any form of private messages, and anything you type into chat will be visible to everyone. If you want to message anyone privately, we have an IRC channel named #BerryTube available on, and you can always contact the mods/admins via Reddit.


I just typed "anypony" into chat and it got filtered to "anybody". What gives?

Nothing personal, it's just that a large part of the community (including the mods/admins) aren't into the roleplay aspect of the fandom, and feel the BerryTube experience is better off without it.
Also, our "anypony" --> "anybody" wordfilter is just one of many such filters, but none of them should be taken too seriously. Please let us know if we're getting too crazy or outright make a mistake. Things are better than they once were, now that wordfilters aren't a shiny new toy anymore, but expect enough silliness to keep things interesting.


How do I use emotes on BerryTube?

Due to BetterPonyMotes not entirely suiting our needs, Marminator (one of our mods) has developed his own script called Berrymotes. Berrymotes draws from a larger list of subreddits than BPM, updates with new emotes every day, and can be run side-by-side with BPM without conflict.
BerryTube supports a shortcut for emotes: \\. If you type "\\sbstare" into chat, for example, it will be automatically converted into the standard Reddit emote syntax of "[](/sbstare)". If you're using Berrymotes, you'll be able to take additional advantage of this shortcut, as the script supports tab completion of emotes when using the \\ syntax. For example, if you type "\\sbst" and then hit tab, it will automatically complete it to "\\sbstare" for you. Like username completion, this will also allow you to cycle through all possible completions if the text you've typed if more than one are possible. 


How do I request videos?

Typing "/r the most awesome video ever" or "/request the most awesome video ever" will show up in chat as:
Username requests the most awesome video ever
Keep in mind, though, that a request is not a demand. If none of the mods/admins are paying attention, the ones who are around don't think it should be queued, or it was played recently, your request probably won't be fulfilled. If it's the second or third case, a mod/admin will typically let you know, but if you get no response at all, please don't squee a mod/admin just so they look and see your request; it's poor form and will make the mod/admin in question less likely to want to queue your request.
If you aren't certain that the video you're requesting is already on the playlist somewhere, please include a link when you request it. If it's not on rotation, the mods/admins aren't going to spend the time finding the video that you were too lazy to look up. If you request something that isn't on the playlist and don't include a link, it's likely to be ignored.


How do I do spoiler text?

Similar to requesting videos, typing "/sp Super sensitive details" or "/spoiler Super sensitive details" will show up in chat as:

Username: SPOILER: Super sensitive details

The text will be hidden by default, but be visible when a user mouses over it. It's important to note that using /sp or /spoiler will only work if they're the very first thing in the sentence you type.

If you want to do inline spoilers, you can type (for example) "Hey guys, sp{these details are secret}.", which will show up in chat as:

Username: Hey guys, these details are secret.

If you want to have a prolonged spoiler conversation, please do that in our dedicated spoiler chat IRC channel, #DrunkenSpoilerChat, also available on

When do the weekend games end?

It varies. On Friday nights before a new episode airs, we'll sometimes have people stay up the whole night in anticipation. It more or less depends on how many people are still hanging out, whether there's someone available to keep calling drinks, whether people want to keep watching episodes or want to change over to music, things like that. If people really want to keep going but all the mods/admins want to go to sleep, we might give someone Berry and let them handle things for the rest of the night.


What do you mean by "give someone Berry"?

It's essentially letting someone else behind the bar. Sort of.
When you receive Berry, you get a small icon of Berry Punch's head (when using the default theme) next to your username on the chat list. It allows you to call drinks, add new videos (temporarily), reorganize the playlist, create polls, and a few other things. However, your powers are still limited - you can't, for example, remove videos from the playlist (though you can skip them when they're playing).
We try to limit this to long-time, trusted BerryTube community members, though, so people don't go mad with power unsupervised. Asking for Berry is almost a surefire way of not getting it, so you probably shouldn't do that.