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*A paddlin' (Sunset's Backstage Pass)
*A paddlin' (Sunset's Backstage Pass)
*"The worst possible time" (Sunset's Backstage Pass)
*"The worst possible time" (Sunset's Backstage Pass)
*Egg continues to count (Sunset's Backstage Pass)
=== Other Gen Rules ===
=== Other Gen Rules ===

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This game is meant to be played with sips of alcohol, as episodes can have up to 50 drinks. Playing with full shots of liquor is NOT recommended. The point of the game is to have fun and make friends, not as any kind of competitive sport, so feel free to start drinking at your own pace or stop drinking altogether once you get the warm fuzzies.
For rules like BP sightings, these usually have a short cool-off period after they're called (a minute or so) so that there aren't eight zillion drinks every time the camera pans over a crowd.

General Rules

  • Songs, including the opening theme
  • Magic, excluding telekinesis
  • Pop culture references
  • Educational Facts (E/I moments)
  • Memes ("20% Cooler", "I really like her mane!", etc.)
  • Rainbow Dash crashing into something
  • Berry Punch appearing on screen
  • Lyra and Bon Bon appearing on screen together
  • That squee noise
  • Big Mac's "Eeyup"
  • Fluttershy acting un-Fluttershy (yelling, meanness, etc.)
  • A pony getting their Cutie Mark
  • Cutie Mark Crusaders checking their flank (one drink if done as a group)
  • Namedrop ("My Little Pony/Ponies" mentioned by any character)
  • "Secret Butt Fun" from the Pound Puppies commercial during credits Never comes up anymore
  • A joke about alcohol is made ("The punch has been spiked!" "Appletini," etc)
  • Pinkie Sense goes off
  • AJ bucks a tree
  • Discord/Q Flash
  • Wilhelm Scream
  • Yak/Yona best at X
  • Yak Smash
  • Season Gimmick Specific:
    • "Dear Princess Celestia" or its later-season equivalents at the end of an episode
    • S4: Eye Sparkler / Princess Journal
    • S5: Dear Princess Rear / Dear Princess Glowbutt /  Dear Princess Plot (Whenever they work their damn map thing and their CM's glow)
    • S6
    • S7
    • S8: Movie Refs

Episode-specific rules

It's broken so here

Nonstandard episode rules

Generally speaking, these rules are much more flexible and are largely at the discretion of whoever is calling at the time.

Friendship is Witchcraft

  • Spikeabuse
  • Nonsensical rattlesnake comparison
  • The _____ police
  • "Look how ____ I can ____"
  • "Get outta my way, ____"
  • War crimes
  • Resurrection
  • Carrot Pony has a line
  • Giant hats
  • Eye candy
  • "I love you" (Neigh Soul Sister)
  • Bomb joke (Cherry Bomb)
  • Cadence Notevil Goodpony (Foaly Matripony)
  • Corn dogs (Foaly Matripony)
  • Blind joke (Seed No Evil)
  • Sunset Shimmer's Twilight Sparkle's Midnight Twinklestone's Baconhair's leather jacket (Horse Women)

Rainbow Dash Presents/Mentally Advanced Series

  • Pinkie Pie's "yues"
  • Scootaloo's "hoo" tic
  • Earth pony racism
  • Getting that yellow one's name wrong
  • Butterfly apologizes
  • Pony AIDS
  • Gorilla suit (Cupcakes)
  • Punch and cookies by the door (Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla)
  • Wing falls off (Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla)
  • Rainbow Dash is a rebel (My Little Dashie)
  • Rainbow Dash does, indeed, want a sugarcube (My Little Dashie)
  • Worst pony (Bittersweet)
  • Best pony (The Star in Yellow)
  • Marshmallows and/or cereal (The Star in Yellow)

Equestria Girls

  • All normal episode rules are inherited
  • Any special episode-specific rules that could potentially apply (e.g. G&PT)
  • Twilight does horse things while not a horse
  • Deja vu
  • Nervicited

Equestria Girls 2: Rainbow Rocks

  • All normal episode rules are inherited
  • Any special episode-specific rules that could potentially apply (e.g. G&PT)
  • Referencing Sunset Shimmer's antics in EQG1
  • Green gas taco magic
  • Sonata's brain is in a different area code

Equestria Girls 3: Friendship Games

  • Standard Episode Rules
  • Any Special Episode Rules also apply
  • Pony Up (the action, not the word, we don't want to kill people....yet)
  • Magic Theft
  • Portals
  • Twilight does a science
  • Sugarcoat speaks the truth

Equestria Girls 4: Legend of the Everfree

  • All normal episode rules are inherited
  • +Any magic including levitation / paranormal event
  • Midnight Sparkle Nightmare (?)
  • Twilight Shaming
  • Purple Sparkle Stuff
  • Bridge Destruction.
  • Brad or Chad trying to a relationship
  • "I got this"

Equestria Girls TV Specials

  • Previous EQG rules still apply (shaming, sugarcoat, having got this, superpowers, horsing while unhorse, etc)
  • Soursweet being bipolar (Dance Magic)
  • Crunch bars (Movie Magic)
  • "Cut" (Movie Magic)
  • Sunshim (Mirror Magic)
  • Her? (Forgotten Friendship)
  • Acronyms (Rollercoaster of Friendship)
  • Social media stand-in name (Rollercoaster of Friendship)
  • Rainbow Dash ruins something (moreso than usual) (Spring Breakdown)
  • WHO'S WITH ME (Spring Breakdown)
  • A paddlin' (Sunset's Backstage Pass)
  • "The worst possible time" (Sunset's Backstage Pass)
  • Egg continues to count (Sunset's Backstage Pass)

Other Gen Rules

Gen 3

  • Minty fucks up
  • "Yes yes yes"
  • Rainbow Dash says "DHAAAAAAALINGS"
  • Magic
  • Thistle Whistles
  • Breezies Sneezeies
  • "Princesses Don't"
  • Holy fuck just freeform it
  • Someone bitches about G3 in chat during the episode

Yea that's all you really need for G3 actually.